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Used as a self-care tool to prolong affects of breast surgery and/or radiation


Best choice of treatment for those already diagnosed with lymphedema


                Compression Garments

Great tools to prevent onset of lymphedema during travel and high impact daily activities


** we provide all these services

Surgery and radiation therapy can compromise your lymph nodes and vessels that filter lymph. Over time, the compromised system will become overrun with backed up lymph, a protein-rich fluid. This process results in the development of Lymphedema. 

It is important to be aware, as a breast cancer survivor, you are at great risk of developing lymphedema.


Lymphedema is a gradual swelling of the tissues and may not be noticed right away. It progressively gets worse the longer it goes untreated. The sooner you treat lymphedema the better.


If you suspect that you may be developing lymphedema be sure to consult a doctor that is familiar with this disease or a licensed lymphedema therapist right away!

Lymphedema is a possible side effect of breast cancer surgery and radiation therapy. It can present itself a few months or up to 20 years after treatment.



Learn the symptoms and be aware

How are they connected?

What You Can Do

  • Heaviness - Puffiness - Fullness

  • Aching - Tingling - Warmth

  • Discomfort - Changes In Skin Texture (Thicker or Smoother)

  • Clothing / Jewelry Tighter On One Side of the Body

  • Signs Of Infection - Rash, Redness, Itching, Pain

  • Fever Or Flu-Like Symptoms

What To Look For

It is important to address any of these symptoms right away. The sooner you treat lymphedema the better. Lymphedema gets progressively worse the longer it goes untreated.

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