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  • Your compliance

  • Perfectly fitted compression garments

  • Flexitouch pump

  • Night time self bandaging

  • Self-care knowledge specific to Lymphedema

  • Ongoing support from us!

Compression garments are not used for reduction, their purpose is to maintain the progress you made during therapy and to prevent refilling. Without them, your limb will refill with fluid.


Compression garments are worn during the daytime and in some cases over night. If needed, we can custom fit you for your garment, as we are certified garment fitters. All garments come in a variety of styles with options that suit your specific needs.


For those who are at risk of developing Lymphedema, compression garments are great tools to use to prevent it's onset, especially during travel and high impact daily activities.


The Flexitouch System is another great tool for maintenance. It is the top of the line pneumatic compression pump. It works in the same way as MLD. The pump stimulates the lymphatic system; it helps direct and move the excess fluid from the compromised region to the healthy lymphatic regions, where the fluid can be processed by your body. (covered by most insurances)

Compression garments replace the bandages used during your therapy. They provide external pressure that will help maintain your progress and prevent additional swelling. Garment choice and fitting is completely personal, we make sure it is a smooth and painless transition.

The Key to Phase II

Maintaining Your Progress

Your Phase II Tool Box

  • Maintains fluid reduction

  • Improves circulation

  • Can replace night time bandaging

  • Pump acts as private at home MLD

  • Enjoy activities that were limited before

  • Ongoing support from us!

Phase II Benefits



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"Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of oppportunity" - Hippocrates

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